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  • Your #1 Choice for Exterior Cleaning Services in Jacksonville Illinois

    Horizon Services offers a range of exterior cleaning and maintenance services in Jacksonville, Illinois. We have a team of cleaners that are well trained, friendly, and professional; they emphasize minimizing disruptions to any nearby work environments while maintaining the necessary safety procedures. Horizon Services can help you with:

  • Mowing & Trimming

    There are a few reasons why one could want a lawn mowing service in Jacksonville, Illinois. Horizon Services offers lawn mowing and trimming services at an affordable rate and we have flexibility with scheduling, meaning we can show up whenever you need us! Our team has the experience and equipment to ensure that you have the best-looking yard in the neighborhood. We are knowledgeable about various types of soil and grass to help keep your yard looking in pristine condition.

  • Pressure Washing

    Horizon Services offers pressure washing services that keep your home or business looking its best. We have experience power washing driveways, decks, siding and more to help eliminate any buildup of dirt, sediment, and grime that has settled. Not only does this offer an increased curb appeal, but it also helps prevent the growth of mold, algae, and weeds. Neglecting the buildup of dirt and grime can lead to potential damages to your wood and degrade your paint.

    The Benefits of Pressure Washing:

    • Helps brighten play equipment, fences, siding, etc.
    • Creates a more sanitary environment for children
    • Can help prevent plant growth in areas you don’t want
    • Removes stains from your walkways and driveways
    • Helps prepare rooms/area for a painting or staining project
  • Deck-Staining & Sealing

    Every few years, deck owners will need to re-stain and seal their decks to help protect the wood from excessive moisture. If moisture seeps into your deck, it can start to rot, which will turn into an expensive reconstruction project. Contact Horizon Services for professional deck-staining and sealing service in Jacksonville, Illinois.

    If you have a deck, you should understand the importance of maintaining it through the years. Not only does it keep it looking good, but it also helps protect your investment. Re-staining and sealing increase the longevity of your deck. Deck staining is also a fast and efficient way to enhance your deck’s appearance.

  • Parking Lot Cleaning

    Too many business owners tend to forget about the importance of a well-kept parking lot. However, it is quite literally the first impression that your business gives off to customers; it is the first and last interaction your business has with its consumers. Therefore, it is important that your parking lot reflects your business. You don’t want the first impression of your business to be hidden under dirt, dust, and leaves. If you choose to neglect your parking lot maintenance, issues could include:

  • Environmental Debris – Mother nature can harm your parking lot or parking garage, whether it’s a buildup of leaves or a collection of pollen.

  • Traffic Buildup – Don’t allow dirt, grease, and grime to stain your concrete surfaces.

  • Litter – Plastic bottles, receipts, food, etc. all leave your parking garage looking like an eyesore.

  • Horizon Services can bring you a better parking lot with our effective and efficient parking lot cleaning services. Our professionals work to keep your parking lot looking clean and pristine, creating a welcoming environment with potential customers from the get-go.

    • Pre-Service Inspection
    • Sweeping
    • Power Blowing
    • Pressure Washing
    • Debris Removal