Interior Services

Professional Interior Services for Your Home or Business in Jacksonville IL

Horizon Maintenance Services offers a comprehensive range of interior services to meet the needs of homeowners and businesses in the Jacksonville, IL area. Our skilled team provides reliable handyman services, ensuring efficient and professional repairs and maintenance tasks. For owners of historic homes, we specialize in restoration projects, preserving the unique character and charm of these properties. Residential flooring installation services are also available, ensuring high-quality and durable flooring solutions. Additionally, we offer clean-outs and haul-aways to help declutter and dispose of unwanted items. Our expertise extends to drywall repair, restoring damaged walls to their original condition, and professional painting services to refresh interiors with a new look and feel. Contact Horizon Maintenance Services in Jacksonville, IL for a detailed description of the range of cleaning services we offer.

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Handyman Services

When you need small projects completed around your home, you can rely on our handyman services in Jacksonville, IL. If there are nicks in your walls or you have a leak in your roof, our contractors at Horizon Maintenance Services have years of experience inspecting and repairing minor issues in your home that cause a daily inconvenience. Whether you’re looking to finally clean the smudges off your windows or install brand new laminate flooring in your living room, we’ve got you covered every step of the way. Our handyman services are available for both residential and commercial clients in the central Illinois area, so contact us today to receive a free estimate and get your property back to looking and functioning at its best.

Historic Home Restoration

Horizon Maintenance Services specializes in historic home restoration, catering to homeowners in the Jacksonville, IL area. We offer a range of services to preserve the unique charm and character of these treasured properties. Our skilled team excels in residential flooring installation, ensuring the selection of suitable flooring materials that enhance the historical aesthetic while providing durability. We also provide clean-outs and haul-aways to declutter and remove unwanted items, creating a clean and organized space. In addition, our expertise extends to drywall repair, restoring damaged walls to their original condition, and professional painting services that bring new life to the interiors of historic homes, maintaining their timeless appeal.

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Residential Flooring Installation

Are you satisfied with the floors in your home or have you been longing for an overdue upgrade? We want you to consider Horizon Maintenance Services in Jacksonville, IL for all your residential flooring installation needs. We will gladly replace your old, damaged floor with a brand new, top-quality product of your choosing. Whatever your vision is for your home, we can help bring it to life. Select your new floor from the variety of materials we offer and improve the appearance of your designated room or even the whole house! Put your flooring needs in our hands and we promise you will be more than satisfied with the exceptional results. Call Horizon Maintenance Services today and book a free consultation today!

Clean-Outs & Haul-Aways

One of the popular services we offer at Horizon Maintenance Services is called a clean-out and haul-away, which involves us removing excess items from a room you choose and performing a deep clean. We can clear everything out, dispose of the trash, sweep the floors, and haul the mess away so you no longer have to stress about it. Whether it is a single room or you’re wanting the entire property cleared out, contact Horizon Maintenance Services for a quick resolution. If you need us to clean your attic or your crawl spaces, we are up for that task as well. Schedule an appointment today to learn more about this service and the others we can offer to improve your home or business.

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