Lawn Maintenance

Quality Lawn Maintenance Services in Jacksonville Illinois & Surrounding Areas

If you’re in the market for quality lawn maintenance services in Jacksonville, IL, our team at Horizon Maintenance Services is here to offer exceptional results paired with affordable prices and flexible scheduling.

We can handle your lawn care needs from mowing and edging the grass to maintaining and trimming bushes or other plants. Your yard is the first thing people notice about your property and how it’s taken care of gives a clear initial impression, so you want it to be a positive one. Enhance the natural beauty of your property by investing in professional lawn maintenance services through Horizon—call to schedule an appointment today

Lawn Mowing & Maintenance Services

Are you unsatisfied with the overall look of your yard? If you’re struggling to maintain the upkeep by yourself, we urge you to call in the experts to handle your lawn care needs. Horizon Maintenance Services in Jacksonville, IL offers lawn mowing and maintenance services at an affordable rate and with flexible scheduling. Our team has the experience and equipment to ensure you have the best-looking yard in the neighborhood. Not only are we knowledgeable about various types of grass and soil, but we use our lawn care expertise to find the perfect mowing services to keep your yard in pristine condition. If you want your yard to look professional, you should hire professionals, then sit back and enjoy the results.

Lawn mower cutting green grass in sunlight | Jacksonville, IL
Weed Eater trimming grass and cutting weeds/dandilions | Jacksonville, IL

Weed Whacking & Edging

Weed whacking and edging are two different techniques and our landscaping experts know when to implement each method based on the needs of your yard. Weed whacking, or trimming, involves horizontal cuts made to remove any unnecessary weeds and excess grass. Edging involves making vertical cuts along the perimeter of your lawn or flower beds. These processes come in handy for areas that a typical lawnmower can’t reach easily and they focus on precision to give your yard a clean-cut, professional look. Weed whacking and edging are both essential maintenance techniques to keep your landscape looking its very best. So, leave this job to the pros and call Horizon Maintenance Services in Jacksonville, IL today!

large hedge trimmer sculpting bushes | Jacksonville, IL

Bush Trimming Service

If you have bushes outside your home or business, you want them to always look trimmed and professional since they add to the overall appearance and appeal of your property. Whenever you feel overwhelmed with maintaining your landscaping, you can always call the professionals. At Horizon Maintenance Services in Jacksonville, IL, we are here to offer exceptional bush trimming services, among the many procedures we offer to our valued customers. We will get your bushes looking perfect and uniform so the front of your home or business looks pristine and welcoming. You never have to sweat the small stuff when you work with our professionals because we are always willing to help with any home project so you’re free to focus on other pursuits.

Tired of Trying to Manage Your Lawn? Call Horizon Maintenance Services!

Are you feeling overwhelmed or just plain tired of trying to manage your lawn on your own? Why worry about it when the professionals at Horizon Maintenance Services can take that stress off your plate? Trust the experts with your lawn care maintenance and you’ll always have a beautiful yard to welcome visitors to your home or business, which will provide you with more free time to pursue other activities that are important to you. Get the results you want without the work. Call Horizon Maintenance Services in Jacksonville, IL today and take the first step to the beautification of your yard.